Sauvage Sowash

Soash Family History

Johannes H. Sauvage - the original immigrant

Heinrich Sowash - Johannes' only proven child

Daniel Sowash (2) &  John Sowash, Sr. (1)  - Heinrich's two sons

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Each descendant had been assigned a code that helps to identify each person.  My code is 1B7E6B.  The "1" indicates that I am descended from John Sowash Sr above.  The "B" is John Sr's son John Soash Jr.  "7" is the seventh child of John Soash, Jr - James Knox Soash.  "E" is the 5th child of James Knox Soash, Chester Soash. The 6th child of Chester was my father and "B" indicates I am the second child.  By counting the number of letters and numbers in your code and adding 2 (for the generations of Henry and Johannes), it will tell you how many generations you are from Johannes Sauvage.

It is also also interesting that as the families moved west from Pennsylvania to Ohio, many dropped the "w" from Sowash so they didn't sound so "Eastern."


Over the years I have collected quite a number of unidentified family pictures.  If you are a descend of any of these lines and have access to old family pictures, please check to see if you can identify any of the pictures.