Mary Sowash Strayer

Almost nothing is known about Mary Sowash.  She was probably born in the 1750's or 1760's in Rockland Township, Berks County, PA, the youngest of Henry's daughters as she was listed last in his 07 May 1795 will.  In a transcription of the will, her name was recorded as Farry Strayer, but actual will appears to be Mary Strayer.  Soash_294  She died after his 1795 will, but no other record of her has been found. 

Considering how fluid the spellings of names were during this time because most people couldn't write their names, it is quite possible her married name was not Strayer.  Her sister Johanna Elizabetha's married name was written in the will as Folkin but was variously spelled Faulk/Folck/Falck/Fulk/Foulk, most commonly Faulk.  Her other sister Maria Catharina's married name was written Commer in the will, but was actually Gaumer.