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Sauvage Sowash

Soash Family Association 

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    This family association is supported by descendants of Johannes H. Sauvage (born ca. 1698) in the Alsace-Lorraine Region. He immigrated with his family aboard the Winter Galley, arriving 05 Sep 1738. He purchased land in Berks County, PA. on 20 Mar 1743. He died in Berks County, PA. in 1761. His son Heinrich used the Americanized surname Sowash. Descendants of Heinrich's line moved west to Westmoreland County, PA. by 1790 while some other (as yet unconnected) descendants remained in Berks County and retained the original Sauvage/Savage surname.  

    I have recently retired and am in process of converting all of my 5,000+ sources to digital format and linking them to the appropriate people.  If you have old birth, marriage, death, deed, will or Bible records, pictures or just interesting family stories, please contact me.  It is important to preserve our family's history before it disappears in this digital age.

    If you would like to join the Daughters or Sons of the American Revolution, I can probably help you supply the documents needed to prove your connection to Henry or Daniel, both Revolutionary War soldiers.

    There is now a Sowash Soash group on Facebook Please join the group if you are interested in the family's history or perhaps attending a reunion.

    When I first started doing genealogy, I discovered a traveling minister in the late 1700's named John William Weber who had recorded the births, marriage and deaths of many of the early Sowash family (and his daughter Maria Magdelena Weber even married Isaac Sowash). In the front of his notebook where he recorded these events, he wrote,

        "I am giving this book to be kept by this church forever that the children whom I have baptized and their children's children and all their children might know who they are."

    I am eternally grateful to the Reverend John William Weber.  I hope to leave that kind of legacy to future generations of the Sowash/Soash family.

                                                                                                        Richard L. Soash

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